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PSD2 and API Banking: Are banks ready for the challenge?

Personal Financial Management software firm, Strands,... 

  • 8. Jun
  • 12

European Commission Consultation Paper on Fintech

Earlier in 2017, the European Commission published a... 

  • 8. Jun
  • 2

Survey: 300 bankers on how open banking and APIs will...

Conducted in January 2017, this survey by Earnix... 

  • 6. Jun
  • 3

Open Banking (PSD2) and the Future of Financial Services

Mulesoft's free whitepaper on the challenges facing... 

  • 2. Jun
  • 2

European Fintechs Unite for Screen Scraping

62 European Fintechs are lobbying the European Banking... 

  • 5. May
  • 4

EBA Consultation on PSD2 Security Measures

On 5th May 2017, the European Banking Authority (EBA)... 

  • 5. May
  • 1

AFR: UK’s open banking revolution has lessons for...

There's a revolution going on in British banking. The UK's... 

  • 27. Apr
  • 1

PSD2 Regulatory Technical Standards: Content and Market...

The Aite Group is one of the financial industry's best... 

  • 19. Apr
  • 1

Screen Scraping: The Legal Tussle At The Heart Of PSD2

As the European Commission attempts to find a solution to... 

  • 12. Apr
  • 2

Microsoft Whitepaper on Open Banking

This whitepaper from Microsoft explores where... 

  • 4. Mar
  • 1

Open Forum on Open Banking

In March 2017, the Open Forum on Open Banking was held in... 

  • 2. Mar
  • 3

Guide: Complying with PSD2 Security Requirements

Wondering what the security requirements are of PSD2 and... 

  • 23. Feb
  • 2

How Banks Can Deploy and Monetise Open APIs

The Aite Group is one of the financial industry's best... 

  • 30. Nov
  • 8

Open Data Institute’s Report: The Open Banking...

At the request of HM Treasury, The Open Data Institute... 

  • 2. Nov
  • 1

PSD2 impact areas, practical issues and open questions

European Bank Association's 2016 report into the impacts... 

  • 2. Oct
  • 3

Payments UK’s Briefing on PSD2

Another fantastic report summarising PSD2, it's benefits... 

  • 2. Jun
  • 0

Official PSD2 Directives

In 2015 the European Union published the official PSD2... 

  • 25. Nov
  • 2

ODI 2014 Report into Data Sharing and Open Data for Banks

In 2014, the Open Data Institute was tasked by HM Treasury... 

  • 2. Sep
  • 1

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