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Ulster Bank to open up online banking with new API

Ulster Bank has announced the country’s first banking... 

  • 11. Sep
  • 1

Starling Bank launches API Marketplace: Full Recap of Event

In mid-June 2017, Starling Bank partnered with Google to... 

  • 25. Jun
  • 1

Santander’s Openbank relaunched as 100% digital bank

Banco Santander is overhauling the operations of its direct... 

  • 19. Jun
  • 2

Mizuho goes open banking on IBM cloud

Japanese bank, Mizuho,  has opted for a suite of IBM... 

  • 8. Jun
  • 3

Czech bank Ceska Sporitelna launches API

In late 2016, Czech bank Ceska Sporitelna launched its API.... 

  • 4. Jun
  • 2

Bank Of America Branches Into Data Sharing

In late May 2017, BoA announced they would begin working... 

  • 24. May
  • 3

BBVA Launches Open Banking Business

On the 24th May 2017, BBVA announced the launch of its Open... 

  • 24. May
  • 3

Saxo Bank releases new developer portal for open banking

On 23rd May 2017, Denmark’s Saxo Bank announced that it... 

  • 23. May
  • 1

Capital One Launches API

In May 2017, Capital One launched its API to developers,... 

  • 4. May
  • 1

Citi Wins Open Banking Award

On 7th April 2017, Celent named Citi its winner in Open... 

  • 7. Apr
  • 2

Wells Fargo Launches APIs

On 5th April 2017,Wells Fargo & Company announced... 

  • 5. Apr
  • 2

BNP Paribas Launches API with Open Bank Project

BNP Paribas announced in early 2017 that they had launched... 

  • 4. Mar
  • 1

Nordea readies for PSD2 with Open Banking API site

On 1st March 2017, Nordea announced that it had set up a... 

  • 1. Mar
  • 2

Banco Sabadell: Fintech and platforms in transition

The CIO of Banco Sabadell, the fourth largest bank in... 

  • 4. Nov
  • 0

Deutsche Bank Launches API

On 1st November 2016, Deutsche Bank opened up its API and... 

  • 1. Nov
  • 1

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